February Beauty Favorites

Hi, hello, hey, and OMG! February is over, you guys, which means the most depressing time of year is finally coming to an end! I don't know about you, but January and February are by far my least favorite months of the year, and I could not be happier to see them get the hell out of here. I haven't been using too many new and exciting products recently, but I'm really in love with the 6 items in this post. Read below to see what I've been obsessing over this past month! 

1. American Eagle-AEO Vintage Perfume

I got this perfume for Christmas from my grandmother, and it's really grown on me in the past few weeks. Aside from the beautifully smooth and ombre bottle it's packaged in, the scent is really unique and dynamic. It's two main scents are mandarin and juicy apple, with notes of red mango, white flowers, lotus flowers, rose, praline, musk, and blonde woods. Overall, this perfume smells both citrus-y and musky, which I've really grown to love since I started wearing it recently. 

2. Fresh-Sugar Lip Polish

I talked about my first product from Fresh in my Current Lip Favorites post, and I'm happy to say that I have yet another favorite from them this month! This lip scrub is heavenly, ladies. It smells like warm sugar and vanilla, and makes your lips incredibly smooth and soft after you use it All you have to do is apply it to your lips, rub your lips together to exfoliate, and then wash the scrub off with a warm washcloth. The only downside to this lip polish is that it tastes kind of icky if you accidentally ingest it, which is really easy to do since it's a lip product. Bottom line, this stuff is awesome and makes your lips super kissable! Try it! 

3. The Body Shop-Coconut Lip Butter

This lip butter goes so well with the lip scrub I just mentioned above. Lately I've been applying the scrub to my lips followed by using this lip butter a few nights a week, and the two pair really beautifully together! Like basically all of my favorite products, this stuff smells incredible (like the creamiest and coconuttiest Piña Colada ever, basically), and it feels so nice and soft on your lips. I love how tiny it is, too, because you can just throw it in your purse (or even your pocket) and carry it anywhere. Would it be wrong to slather this all over my body? Because I want to. 

4. Real Techniques-Starter Eye Kit

If you've been reading my posts for a while, it'll be no surprise to you that these made it into a favorites post. I am obsessed with Real Techniques brushes, and you should be too, because they are incredible. The quality of these brushes is unbelievable for how affordable they are; the bristles are super soft, they don't shed at all, and the overall packaging gives them a really professional vibe even though you can purchase them at the drugstore. While I still love my eyeshadow brushes from Ecotools, these brushes from Real Techniques have upped my game quite a bit. I'm a huge fan of the basic shader brush in this kit, as well as the eyebrow brush-both of which I've been using on a daily basis since I bought them. Apparently this set comes with 5 brushes, but I can only seem to find 4 of mine (which is mildly infuriating, but oh well). Bottom line: you simply can't go wrong with Real Techniques brushes. Seriously. I'm on a mission to own them all

5. Urban Decay-Naked Basics Palette

I'm really surprised that this is the first time I've blogged about this palette, because I honestly use this thing nearly every other day. I have never gotten this much use out of an eyeshadow palette before, and as you can see from the pictures, it has certainly experienced a bit of wear and tear over the past year or so since I bought it. Fun fact, if you leave this palette in your car for an extended period of time in the middle of July while on vacation in Savannah, Georgia, the packaging will start to bubble up and melt. The more you know. Anyways, if you're a fellow minimalist when it comes to eyeshadow like I am, then this is the palette for you. I can't emphasize enough how great it is to be underwhelmed by an eyeshadow palette rather than overwhelmed by tens and thousands of colors. I can't wait to buy the second one! 

6. Neutrogena Naturals-Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover

This is the third bottle of this face wash I've purchased, which is really saying something considering the fact that I constantly experiment with different skincare products. I love how simple this cleanser is, and it does a great job of getting every tiny bit of makeup off my face at the end of the day. It also makes your skin feel super soft and smooth afterwards, plus it livens up your complexion and helps to give your skin a more even appearance. This is the only product I've tried from Neutrogena's Naturals line, but based off how great this cleanser is, I'm definitely interested in what else they have to offer. 


Thanks for reading! What products did you love last month? Leave a comment down below, I'd love to hear from you!