July Beauty Favorites

August is here, which means it's time for another round-up of my favorite products of the previous month! July was such a busy and eventful couple of weeks, but I did tons of fun things with my friends and family, so I wouldn't trade the constant exhaustion that happened as a result of all that activity for anything. 

Fun/exciting fact: August 23rd is my first Blogiversary! (It's a real word...look it up.) I can't believe I've been doing this for a year, and the experiences I've had as far as getting to know myself and what I want to do with my future have been so invaluable.  Without Sweetness & Solitude, I never would have felt the courage to apply to be a writer for College Fashion (which I'm now getting paid to do!), nor would I have any sort of direction in regards to my future and what I want to do with my life. I'm about to do a huge post over what I've learned in the past year of blogging, so be on the lookout for that soon! 
Without further ado and rambling, onto my July beauty favorites

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

I told myself that I wouldn't buy this palette since it's so similar to the original Naked Basics, but I had a moment of weakness at the Ulta register last month and I just couldn't say no. It honestly is very close to the original, but this palette is 100% matte while the first one has one shimmery highlight shade. Out of the 6 colors, my favorites are definitely "Frisk" (light taupe), which I use in my crease, and "Stark" (very light pink/nude), which I like to use all over the lid for a super minimal and every day look. This palette is the perfect size for traveling, plus the packaging is durable enough to handle life on the go. 

Image via UrbanDecay.com

Image via UrbanDecay.com

2. Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Pencil in "Matte Marine"

Allow me to begin by stating that this eyeliner was not a planned purchase. Long story short, I was supposed to meet my boyfriend and his family at the movies a few weeks ago, and I got there about 30 minutes early (story of my life). So, rather than sitting in my car listening to NPR with the A/C on full blast, I decided to pop into the nearest grocery store and entertain myself in the makeup aisle. I found this beautiful eyeliner on sale, and the rest is history. 

I love this eyeliner because it makes your eyes pop like crazy. The contrast between my dark brown eye color and the electrified blue of this product is great for helping me look more awake and bright on days where I'd much rather be asleep than at work or anywhere other than in my bed watching Netflix. 

3. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in "Alaska"

Do you ever buy something that you really regret purchasing at first, only to fall madly and deeply in love with it a few months down the road? This foundation from NARS is that product for me. I hated this stuff when I first bought it (mainly because the formula is runny and I got it all over my brand new white shirt on the first day I wore it and again on my brand new white jeans...but that's my fault), but after bringing it on my cruise with me last month I've been using it on an almost daily basis. 

This tinted moisturizer is the ultimate summer foundation because it gives your complexion such a gorgeousdewey, and healthy glow

4.Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in "Honey"

This lipstick is yet another addition to my collection of beauty products that I've purchased just because it was recommended by my all-time favorite gal, Essiebutton. She's mentioned this in numerous videos, and I can distinctly remember her saying that she doesn't understand why it's called "Honey", because the product itself looks nothing like the sticky stuff that bees make. Rather, it's more of a muted berry color that looks incredibly beautiful and natural on your lips and lasts a hell of a long time without smearing or transferring onto anything. Hello, holy grail every day lip product. 

5. L'Oréal Sleek It Iron Straight HeatSpray 

Before buying this product from L'Oréal, I was originally using the Guardian Angel heat protecting spray from Got2Be, which I wasn't really a huge fan of because the dispenser would get sticky and kind of spray everywhere except the places that I wanted it to go. This kind is great because it smells really good and protects your hair from heat while also making your hair incredibly shiny, smooth, and frizz free for up to 3 days!

Thanks for reading! What were your favorite things last month? Leave a comment below and get the conversation started! :)