March Beauty Favorites


Hey everyone, it's time to talk about my favorite beauty products from the past month! The list is a little shorter than usual, but I've really been trying to downsize lately and use up a lot of products that I already own before trying anything new. I've also been keeping things pretty minimal with my makeup because I really like for everything to look fresh, natural, and clean when Spring rolls around. Plus, all of these products can be found at the drugstore and are pretty darn affordable! Read below to see what I've been using recently! 

1. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Now that the weather is warming up, I have absolutely zero patience for thick and heavy foundation, so I've recently been on a pretty intense BB cream hunt. In case you missed it, I bought a Pacifica CC cream a few weeks ago-while I really like the coverage and consistency of it, the color is just a tad too dark for me at the moment. Long story short, I decided to try this Maybelline BB cream, and I pretty much love it so far. It blends beautifully, it never feels heavy, the coverage is light but effective, and it helps prevent breakouts because it's made with salicylic acid.  

2. L'Oreal Infallible Pro=Last Lipcolor in "Everlasting Caramel"


This lip gloss is impressive, friends. After applying the gloss and letting it dry a little, you just sweep the balm over your lips to set the color and make it last for-ev-errrrrrr. Seriously. I swatched this on my wrist and then went over it again with the balm just to test how well it stays put, and it won't budge. "Everlasting Caramel" is quite an appropriate title, considering the fact that I'm never going to be able to get it off of my skin. I'm not complaining, though, because any lip product that won't fade or come off while eating or drinking is a winner in my book. BRB, buying every single shade. 

3. NYX Dream Catcher Palette in "Golden Horizons" 


Like with most of my eyeshadows, I mainly use the neutral and matte shades from this NYX palette. The shadows in this set don't have names (sad times), but I've been using the hell out of the third and fourth colors from the left on the top row-we'll call them light brown and medium brown for the sake of this post, because we're creative. I love how simple these shades are, especially since I've been into more basic and natural looks lately. I've been putting the light brown shade on my lid and then blending the medium brown into my crease. You can barely even tell I'm wearing any sort of eye shadow at all, but it adds definition and shape to my eyes, which is all a big eyed gal such as myself wants on a minimal makeup day. 

4. NYX Wonder Pencil 

Going right along with my minimal makeup theme, this multi-purpose pencil from NYX is kind of an amazing product. I mentioned it in my Morning Makeup Staples post a few months ago, and I just keep falling more and more in love with it every time I use it. It's so great for days (or nights) where you feel and look exhausted because it instantly makes you look wide awake when applied to your waterline. It's also great for highlighting underneath your brows and concealing dark spots or acne scars!

***Bonus: Darling Magazine

This isn't a beauty product, but I just had to find an excuse to talk about how amazing this magazine is. I gave up reading traditional beauty magazines years ago because they genuinely make women (including myself) feel horribly about themselves. Most of them focus on highlighting and making us ashamed of our "flaws", and sometimes even come up with new ways for us to pick ourselves apart (I'm talking to you, unattainable thigh gaps). Darling, however, completely challenges these standards by only focusing on the positive. Their models are diverse, their articles are deep and educational, and their mission statement is so incredibly inspiring. This magazine is 100% worth reading and subscribing to, and I just wanted to share how amazing it is with all of you in case you hadn't been introduced to it before! (Click here to visit their website and sample some great articles!)

Thanks so much for reading! What products have you been loving recently? What type of makeup is your go-to look for Spring? Leave a comment down below and share some goodness! :)