Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Your BFF

Ok, so I may be jumping the gun a bit here, but it's almost time for Thanksgiving, which means it's almost time for CHRISTMAS! This is definitely my favorite time of the year, and I have a feeling that this holiday season is going to be the best one I've ever experienced for several reasons.

First, it will be my sweet baby cousin's very first Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I can't wait to spend time with my family while we obsess over her infinite amounts of cuteness. Second, I'm graduating on December 13th, so my Christmas will be full of feelings of sweet relief and hopefulness for the future. Needless to say, I can't freaking wait.

I've picked out some of my favorite things from my favorite stores that would be perfect for any organized, fashionable, music loving, beauty obsessed, quirky or all around girly girl in your life. Whether you're looking to spend under $15 or up to $60, these gifts are sure to please your BFF!

1. Pink Floral Weekly Desk Pad from RIFLE PAPER CO. ($12.00)

Can we just briefly discuss how obsessed I am with Rifle Paper Co. for a moment? Have you seen their website? The calendars? The phone cases? The most adorable floral illustrations you've ever seen in your life?!? Ok, I'll stop. But seriously, I just can't get enough of this store, and they have such a wide range of affordable and unique products that are perfect for gift giving. I'm especially in love with this weekly desk calendar (which is only $12!) because it's beautiful, handy, and can be used as little or as often as you decide because you can fill in the dates yourself. If anyone wants to buy this for me for Christmas, I'll love you forever. Otherwise, I'm buying it for myself. The end. 

2. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham from Barnes & Noble ($16.80)

I read this book a few weeks ago and it was everything I could have ever asked for out of a book by one of my heroes. It's hilarious, honest, bold, and incredibly relatable for practically any twenty or thirty something woman. Books are one of my favorite things to receive as gifts because I think they're so personal and beautiful (and I just really love books), and I think this would be the perfect thing to give to a friend for the holidays. My suggestion: buy it now and read it for yourself, and then gift it to your BFF afterwards. Trust me on this one, it's great.

3. Key-Per Wristlet from Fossil ($40.00)

Give the gift of convenience and practicality this season with this super sassy leopard print wristlet from Fossil (did that sound like a cheesy holiday commercial or what?). This little guy holds up to 4 cards, cash, and still has room to hold your smart phone. This is so handy for all those times where carrying a purse just isn't necessary, but you still need somewhere to keep all of your essentials. I've had similar wristlets like this in the past, and they're lifesavers. Seriously. 

4. Tarte Away Oi Go Portable Palette & Collector's Set from Ulta ($48.00)

Let's be honest here, who in their right mind wouldn't be absolutely ecstatic to get this for Christmas? This set comes with 16 full sized eyeshadows (some shimmery, some matte), 4 full sized blushes, 3 deluxe sized lip glosses, and 1 deluxe sized mascara! That's a $410 for $48 value right there, folks, and I think that's pretty darn incredible. I want this, I need this. 

5. Thoroughly Modern Musician Headphones in Lime from ModCloth ($59.99)

Last but not least, these adorable headphones are perfect for any music lover. Long commutes on the bus, subway, or even in the car on family road trips can be made infinitely more enjoyable with the ability to drown out the world and blare your favorite songs or listen to an audiobook. I always like to give people things that they would enjoy, but wouldn't necessarily purchase for themselves, and I think quality headphones are one of those things that everyone will love and use.

I hope you found some holiday gifting inspiration with these awesome items, and be on the lookout for a future post on gifts for moms! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all had an amazing weekend!