Current Favorite Lip Products


To start things off, this lip gloss smells delicious- but most importantly, it's a beautiful color and has an incredibly moisturizing formula. While I don't personally consider lip gloss stickiness to be a huge issue, I know that it really bothers other people. If you're one of those people, then good news! This product's formula isn't sticky at all, and it applies really smoothy and easily for a super glossy look that won't make your lips look or feel like a pound of glue is sitting on top of them. 


This might just be my favorite lip gloss ever. Even though it was really pricey (in my opinion, anyhow) the packaging and overall quality of this little beauty is well worth the cost. I'm a sucker for rose gold, and the gorgeous design of this lip gloss pretty much makes me drool every time I look at it. Aesthetics aside, I truly love the pinky-coral shadeof this gloss. This may or may not be all in my head, but I swear it makes my teeth look whiter when I wear it. Just saying. Basically, I need every color that this lip gloss comes in because it's so freaking beautiful. The end. 


While this isn't the most exciting lip product in the world (no tint, no fragrance, no fun), it's definitely a game changer when it comes to moisturizing and sun protection. It's about as simpleas it gets as far as lip balms go, which is just what I've needed over the past few months of winter. I received this for Christmas as part of a three piece gift set that included two other shades in cherry red and a jewel toned magenta, and all three products are equally moisturizing. I highly recommend them!


Yet another lip balm, but this one is definitely much more pigmented than the last. Aside from the fact that it smells like cherries, it's super moisturizing and adds the perfect sheer splash of red for occasions when you want to look put together, but not too done up. If you're anything like me, red lipstick intimidates the hell out of you, but this gives you just enough pigment without the dreaded fear of getting the color all over your teeth. It's like having training wheels for your lips, right? 


This product is probably my number one most used lipstick for a variety of reasons. For starters, it's a gorgeous shade of mauve (or "dusty pink", as I like to call it), which is perfect for every day looks. In addition to that, it's affordable,long-lasting, and goes on really smoothly. For someone like me who thinks most lipsticks are fussy, this product in this shade is about as low-maintenance as it can possibly be. 


I was reluctant to end this post with a product that's been in all of our back pockets since we were in second grade, but come on, who doesn't love Chap Stick?  I'm a huge fan of this stuff, and it's my all time favorite product to go to for that "your lips, but better" look for minimal makeup days. I try to keep a stick of it in my purse, backpack, car, bathroom-you name it. 

Fun fact: I was the girl wearing Cherry Chapstick that Katy Perry kissed. ♥

Thanks so much for reading! What are some of your favorite lip products? Are you a lip balm junkie like me, or are you a lipstick queen? Comment down below to share, I love hearing from you!