Friday Pin Party [7/10/15]

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Hi everyone, happy Friday! This is the first post of a new weekly series where I'll be sharing my favorite pins of the week with you. I'm a Pinterest addict, so putting together a weekly collage of beautiful things is something that I'll be constantly looking forward to...I hope you like it! 

I'm obviously loving pink lately, along with the rest of the world. Although I still don't own a single thread of pink clothing (neutrals ftw), I've been dying to get my hands on some gorgeous summery pieces like the maxi skirt or shirt dress shown above. 

In other news, I'm border line obsessed with this curly long bob (aka "lob"). I guess this is sort of the hair cut I currently have, or at least it's the hair cut I got back in February, but it's grown out quite a bit since then and I kind of hate it right now. As much as I want to keep letting it grow, this picture makes me reconsider everything about cut or not to cut

Finally, on a much more personal note, I started seeing a counselor for my anxiety/potential other issues a few weeks ago. As hard as it was to buckle down and actually make the damn appointment, it felt like the weight of the world was slowly beginning to lift off my shoulders once I left. I had my second session yesterday, and wow. Without going into too much detail on this post (I'll probably write one in the near future), I'll just say that it's incredibly hard for me to actually break down and show my emotions in front of other people, especially strangers. However, it felt so good to allow myself to just express what I was feeling and freely release my emotions to my counselor without apologizing or feeling stupid or weak in the process. 

So, long story short, this is the beginning of a potentially long but rewarding journey in which I'll be learning how to let go and live, rather than constantly second guessing myself, my surroundings, and others around me. It's time to think less and live more.  

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this series as much as I'll enjoy putting it together every week! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest if you want to keep up with my constant pinning, and check back next Friday for another Pin Party. Happy Friday! :)