Friday Pin Party [7/31/15]

It's Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay! What a week it's been, y'all. I've had so many highs and lows, wins and losses, smiles and tears- but life is so exciting when new things start happening, and that's exactly where I am right now. 

After spending this week's counseling session in tears from talking about how stressed I am with searching for a new job and putting so much pressure on myself to be exactly where I think I need to be as soon as possible in life, I spent the rest of the day stressed, anxious, and questioning everything. Before I went to bed, I sat at my desk with my journal and asked God for some much needed guidance and direction. 

Fast forward to yesterday at 2:00, where I got a call from a company in Nashville that I had contacted a few weeks ago about a social media/design position. We scheduled an interview for next week, and I spent the rest of the day stuck somewhere between anticipation, excitement, apprehension, and straight-up doubt. 

"What if it's a scam? What if I get my hopes up and they turn me down? What if I accept the job only to realize it was a mistake? How am I going to make that commute every morning and afternoon in all that shitty Nashville traffic?" (The last question being a legitimate concern...) 

I went home, got out my journal again, and let it all out. 

Fast forward to today, where (in the middle of writing this post, no less) I got a call from a job I applied for online on Wednesday for an administrative assistant position. Now I have two interviews for two full-time jobs within two days of one another. 


I'm still not getting my hopes up, and I'm still not going to get discouraged if neither of these options work out, but I'm blown away with how perfect the timing of everything has been throughout this week. God is good. 

Enough about me, how was your week? I'd love to hear from you! Have an incredible weekend, friends. :)