Friday Pin Party [8/21/15]


Another week, another Friday, and another jam-packed Friday afternoon/night that prevents me from getting this post up on time. Part of the blogging process is learning the art of time management, and as you can see, I'm still a work in progress at this point. 

Rather than having a nervous breakdown this week about the direction my life is headed as I usually would around this time of the month (if you catch my drift), I decided to channel my thoughts towards positivity, and instead became really excited and inspired about all the different ways my future could play out. Anxiety is a tricky thing to overcome, and being uneasy about the days, months, and years ahead of us is something we all deal with from time to time. It's ok, but it takes a toll on our minds and our spirits. 

Personally, I've really been struggling with whether I should go ahead and get my Master's in School Counseling, or keep applying for generic full-time jobs just so I can "feel" like I'm getting my life in order. As I clicked through page after page of online job postings, however, I started feeling a numbness that eventually grew into a voice which told me that I am meant for something so much bigger than what I'm pushing myself to settle for. I've been denying what I truly want to do to myself ever since I graduated over 8 months ago, and I think that's partially due to the fact that I'm scared to admit how much working with children and thriving in a school environment has really affected me. I love it, and nothing makes me feel more valuable and proud than knowing that I turned a child's day around, or made even the smallest type of impact in their life. 

I digress, but it's a relief to surrender to my true self and admit that this is the path that I want to take. Grad school will be tough, but it's a huge step towards being the person that I know deep down in my heart that want to be. 

Happy Sunday, here's to start of an amazing week!