March Playlist


1. Cameras-Matt and Kim

2. Factory-Band of Horses

3. Don't Wanna Fight-Alabama Shakes

4. Hey Mami-Sylvan Esso

5. Katie Queen of Tennessee-The Apache Relay

6. Oh My Darling Don't Cry-Run The Jewels

7. Lie, Cheat, Steal-Run The Jewels

8. Dress-Sylvan Esso

9. Once In A Lifetime-Flo Rida

10. Earned It-The Weeknd

11. Itchin' On A Photograph-Grouplove

I'm so excited about this playlist because it's full of several artists that I've recently fallen head over heels in love with. If you haven't listened to Sylvan Esso yet, please do yourself a favor and listen to "Dress" immediately, and if you want to hear one of the cutest songs on this side of the Mississippi, give "Katie Queen of Tennessee" by The Apache Relay a spin! I'm also slightly ashamed about the fact that I have a Flo Rida song on this month's playlist, but those of you who used to get down to Nelly back in the day will totally understand why this is my newest guilty pleasure. Finally, I'm so excited about the new album that's about to be released from Alabama Shakes, and I'm really hoping  that the rest of the album will be just as catchy as this single!

I've already started working on next month's playlist, so I'm looking for some awesome new artists and songs to add to it! Let me know who you've been listening to lately, I'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks for reading! :)